About our company

Trade ground Ukrproducts.eu offers services in realization and advancement commodities, fist of all, Ukrainian producer's on the Ukrainian and European market.

I.We offer:

1. Services of advertising your commodities on the base platform of multivendor's trade, and also on numerous sites satellities of a particular branch and territorial orientation, including: services in classification, description, translation of descriptions into languages of European Union countries, creation of graphic arts, infographics, videos and other auxiliary content.

2. . Free corporate site with the combined window of commodities with a base platform or widget of Your window on Your existent site.

3. Logistic accompanying delivery of commodities in Ukraine and in the European Union countries. Transport-postal services.

4. Eskrou accounts of every transaction with useing comfortable for a buyer and saler currencies. (Buyer can pay by card or by the internet currency, and a salesman can get a bank order). Acquiring, processing and invoysing are plugged in the base function of platform and optimized for all markets, where it is presented.

5.Services in presentation commodities on foreign and Ukrainian exhibitions, placing in the catalogues of exhibitions. Personal presentations to the foreign partners in any European country.

6.We grant the function of foreign dealer is in any European country.

II.How sale is carry out through our trade ground:

1. A salesman examines our trade ground and meets with rules and terms of service, registered as a merchant, filling all necessary fields.

2. After approving the request to be a merchant, you can add commodity yourself or by the managers of project.

3. We determine possible methods of delivery.

4. Expects approval from the window administration, follows possible instructions from administration

of the platform, if necessary sends necessary for valuable work signed agreements (general trade obligations, agreements for transport, additional services), if the terms of future work are supposed differences from the offered terms.

5. In time accordance with the undertaken obligations ships a commodity, next informs by the concerted method about shipping of commodity,

6. A salesman carries guarantee obligations in accordance with the before declared terms.

III. How purchase is carried out through our trade ground:

1.A buyer examines a trade ground and meets with rules and terms of service, registered.

2.Sends pleasing commodities in a basket.

3. Chooses the method of delivery:

4.After successful payment an order wil be passed on execution to supplier.

  • bank order on the essential elements of the Ukrainian bank
  • bank order on the essential elements of the Europian bank
  • pay by card VISA/Mastercard
  • payment by internet money
  • payment by internet bank
  • payment by gift card

5.The managers of logistic control sending and inform a buyer about the route of order.

6.After receivig the order by buyer, in the cases of absence reclamation in the flow of 3(three) workings days, we transfer funds to supplier by the concerted method.